MANTRA Token Service (“MTS”) is a powerful and flexible SDK (Golang + NodeJS) that enables web3 businesses to create, issue, distribute and manage their own digital assets on the MANTRA network.

One of the key features of MTS is that it allows businesses to create digital assets that are compliant with various regulatory frameworks, such as those for fiat currencies, securities, commodities, or other financial instruments. This can make it easier for businesses to create and trade assets that are regulated in different jurisdictions.

MTS uses a permissioned model, meaning that only approved entities can create, manage or transfer tokens on the platform. This helps to make sure that the platform is used responsibly and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Key features:

  • Create, issue and manage fungible and non-fungible assets.

  • Access control / Permissions layer: provides a simple role based access control mechanism, including the ability to freeze, seize, destroy and transfer tokens.

  • Configurable yield and royalties.

  • Predictable and low fees.

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