How can an Issue or a bug be reported?

o report any unusual activity on the network, you can choose the option that suits your needs the most:

  1. Need to find announcements related to Hongbai or roadmap updated? Or raise feedback/queries for specific roles?

Join MANTRA Chain Discord and verify yourself.

i) For any public/community general help, you can raise questions on:

Discord → ‘Community’ → #general channel

To find any latest announcements and updates related to the Chain:

Discord → ‘Updates’ → #announcements

ii) For validator / developer specific questions :

  • Discord → ‘Channels & Roles’ → Select role: “Become/Explore Validators” OR “Become/Explore Developers”

  • Go to relevant Channel category → #Discussion-chat for general discussion

iii) If you want to raise a ticket for role specific issues/ queries, or Collaboration proposals, you can go under

‘MANTRA Chain Support’ channel → Select #Open-ticket where you can choose your category of issue:

  • Validator/Developer related queries/bugs

  • Feedbacks or suggestions

  • Collabs to reach out to us for ideas or meetings

iv) Join our community on Telegram

  1. Need to share feedback/facing issues in the onboarding journey or on the MANTRA finance app?

Contact our support staff via our Live Chat: or drop an email to

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