Depositing funds

Sometimes a proposal is submitted without having the minimum token amount deposited yet. In these cases you would want to be able to deposit more tokens to get the proposal into the voting stage. In order to deposit tokens, you'll need to know what your proposal ID is after you've submitted your proposal. You can query all proposals by the following command:

mantrachaind q gov proposals

If there are a lot of proposals on the chain already, you can also filter by your own address. For the proposal above, that would be:

mantrachaind q gov proposals --depositor mantra1hxv7mpztvln45eghez6evw2ypcw4vjmsmr8cdx

Once you have the proposal ID, this is the command to deposit extra tokens:

mantrachaind tx gov deposit <proposal-id> <deposit> \
   --from <submitter address> \
   --chain-id <chain id> \
   --gas <max gas allocated> \
   --gas-adjustment <number> \


mantrachaind tx gov deposit 5 1000000000.0000uom \
  --from=fluffy-duck-keys \
  --chain-id=mantra-hongbai-1 \
  --gas-prices="0.0001uom" \
  --gas-adjustment=2 \

In our case above, the <proposal-id> would be 5 as queried earlier. The <deposit> is written as 500000uom, just like the example above.

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