Nodes and Validator Operations

Hello validators ! This page is dedicated to helping you out on how to set up a node and run the network.

We aim to achieve a diversified validator group that maintains high security and uptime at the core of their operations.

We will focus on 3 key criteria for the selection of our validations :

  1. Uptime: It is a vital criteria for blockchain systems. Validators with a proven track record of maintaining consistent uptime will be preferred.

  2. Geographic Distribution: To prevent centralisation risks and enhance network robustness, we aim to have a geographically diverse set of validators. Validators from different regions will now only help to create a decentralized network infrastructure but also be our champions to drive and bring compliance focus in their jurisdiction.

  3. Trustworthiness: Trust and transparency is our core value and we strive to partner with validators/ builders who demonstrate the same integrity and commitment towards the ecosystem.

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