Hongbai - Testnet Phase 2

Addressing Challenges and Advancing MANTRA Chain

Building upon the achievements of Phase 1, Testnet Phase Two (Hongbai) aims to tackle a series of challenges that will further fortify the resilience, security, and functionality of the MANTRA Chain ecosystem. As we embark on this phase, we are committed to addressing the following challenges:

  1. Staying Online (Uptime): Validators are tasked with maintaining uninterrupted availability, ensuring a high uptime of 99% or above to uphold the network's reliability and stability.

  2. Attacking the Treasury (Attacks): Participants will attempt to breach the treasury, testing its robustness against potential attacks. Proof of attack or simulated attempts will be required for assessment.

  3. Foundation Delegation (Staking/Rewards): The Foundation will delegate tokens to as many validators as possible, fostering decentralization and reinforcing validator engagement.

  4. Stake (Staking/Rewards): Participants will strive to secure a greater number of delegations during the testnet marathon, incentivizing distribution and strengthening validator backing.

  5. Identity (Basic): Validators will establish identifiable monikers to facilitate communication and recognition within the community and the team.

  6. Balance Transfers (Basic): Demonstrating proficiency, participants will execute numerous balance transfers across the network to test transactional efficiency.

  7. Proposals (Governance): Validators will actively engage in on-chain governance by signing proposals, showcasing their commitment to the governance process.

  8. Software Upgrade (Uptime): Validators, Full Nodes, RPC Nodes, and Archive Nodes will promptly upgrade to the latest software version upon official announcement, ensuring network compatibility and security.

  9. Validator Operation (Basics): Validators will compete to author as many blocks as possible, demonstrating operational efficiency and competitiveness.

  10. Halt the Chain (Attack): A simulated high-volume mint or transaction attack will test validator resilience and network operability under stress conditions.

  11. Double Spend (Attack): Participants will explore the consequences of double-spending on the chain, with penalties determined by Tendermint and community analysis.

  12. Inscriptions (Attack): An orchestrated attack on the network through inscriptions will be assessed for its impact on network integrity.

By confronting these challenges head-on, Hongbai seeks to enhance the robustness and reliability of the MANTRA Chain ecosystem, paving the way for its broader adoption and success in decentralized finance and beyond. Below you can find an overview of the aforementioned challanges.

Overview of challenges:

Challenge NameCategoryDescriptionWho Can Participate

Staying Online


Stay online and available at all times with 99% uptime or above


Attacking the Treasury


Try to attack the treasury by draining tokens off it. Will need proof of attack as well or Simulation


Foundation Delegation


Delegate as many tokens to as many validators as possible.




Aim to amplify your validator backing by securing a greater number of delegations during the testnet marathon. Incentivize distribution




Setup your moniker so you’re easily identifiable for everyone, especially the team.


Balance Transfers


Demonstrate your prowess by executing as many transfers as possible across the network.




Show your activity by signing on proposals that are on-chain


Software Upgrade


Show your activity by upgrading to the latest software version as soon as possible. Only upgrade after official announcement from the team on Discord

Validators/Full Nodes/ RPC Nodes / Archive Nodes

Validator Operation


Enter the fray by setting up as a validator. Your mission: author as many blocks as you can, outlasting your rivals.


Halt the Chain


Simulate a high volume mint or transactions on the network to check if the validators are holding their nodes and see if the network is still operational

Internal & Everyone

Double Spend


Double-spending the chain results in a penalty to the responsible validators and delegators, as determined by Tendermint with any analysis as provided by the community

Internal & Everyone



Orchestrate an attack on the network through inscriptions


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