Compliance: Applications built on MANTRA Chain will benefit from a compliant environment on which to build, access to regulated digital assets, and a transparent ecosystem to build openly.

Web3 yield engine: MANTRA Chain welcomes Web3 builders to develop on top of the chain and gain full benefit of integration with the chain’s sustainable yield engine to attract and reward participants.

Interoperable: Tendermint is used as the consensus protocol for building the first zone on the Cosmos Hub. The hub can connect to a large number of other zones, like MANTRA Chain, and communication is achieved via its IBC protocol, a kind of virtual UDP or TCP for blockchains. MANTRA Chain will permit tokens to be transferred from one zone to another securely through the Cosmos Hub, without the need for an exchange or a trusted third party between zones.

Other Benefits:

  • Multi-chain decentralized application (dAPP) ecosystem

  • Vertically-integrated Blockchain ecosystem

  • Build dAPPs on CosmWasm

  • IBC compatible tokens: tokens launched on MANTRA Chain can operate on a variety of networks

  • MANTRA Chain can facilitate fast cross-chain transactions across the largest L1 networks

Key Features and Products:

  • Real-world Asset Tokenization: MANTRA Assets

  • Decentralized ID (DID) / Soulbound NFT

  • Fiat On/Off Ramp

  • MANTRA Token Service SDK

  • MANTRA Compliance

  • Native DEX

  • Interoperable via Cosmos IBC

  • Yield Engine

  • Launchpad: Capital Formation Platform

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