Is Hongbai app a testnet or live app?

The Hongbai app hosts both a testnet Dex (Decentralized Exchange) and a mainnet product (Vault) at the same time, providing users with a versatile experience.

By providing both environments, the Hongbai app allows users to learn, experiment, and invest securely, catering to different needs and levels of readiness.

1. Vault (Ethereum mainnet):

The mainnet product (Vault) is an RWA (Real-World Assets) product that enables users to invest and earn steady yields with their real cryptocurrency.

This is designed for users who are ready to engage in real-world asset investments, taking advantage of our latest opportunities to earn yields on their investments.

2. DEX (MANTRA Chain Testnet) :

The testnet DEX allows users to experiment with trading features on the platform without using real cryptocurrency.

It’s ideal for users who want to familiarize themselves with the platform, test new features, provide early feedback and practice trading strategies in a risk-free environment.

Important Note:

  • Be Mindful of the environment you are using within the Hongbai app. The testnet Dex is for experimentation and does not involve real cryptocurrency, whereas the mainnet product (Vault) involves real cryptocurrency transactions and investments in real-world assets. Ensuring you are in the correct environment will help avoid any unintended financial consequences.

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