How can I connect a validator from an older testnet to the newest testnet?

To connect your validator to the most recent testnet, the best and most straightforward method is to start afresh by setting up a new validator on a completely clean system. Since your validator was associated with a testnet, the tokens it was delegated have no real-world value, eliminating the need to transfer or keep any tokens from the former testnet.

If you're utilizing a physical machine and prefer not to reinstall the operating system, you may bypass certain initial setup steps related to the OS.

However, you will need to update two critical items to their latest versions:

  • The mantrachaind binary.

  • The genesis.json configuration file.

If you're updating an existing system, here's what you should do:

  1. Terminate the 'mantrachaind' process if it's still running.

  2. Remove all old validator files from the previous testnet, which are located in the /bin directory or the directory where the binary was originally downloaded.

  3. Proceed with the steps outlined in the "Node Configuration" guide for setting up a new node.

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