How do I edit a validator's description?

Setting detailed descriptions for a validator is a very good idea. It helps delegators get to know who you are and why they should delegate to your validator - particularly if you include your web site details.

Make sure to provide input for every flag below. If a flag is not included in the command the field will default to empty (--moniker defaults to the machine name) if the field has never been set or remain the same if it has been set in the past.

The <key_name> specifies which validator you are editing. If you choose to not include some of the flags below, remember that the --from flag must be included to identify the validator to update.

The --identity can be used as to verify identity with systems like Keybase or UPort. When using Keybase, --identity should be populated with a 16-digit string that is generated with a account. It's a cryptographically secure method of verifying your identity across multiple online networks. Alternatively, you can checkout UPort.

mantrachaind tx staking edit-validator
  --new-moniker="choose a moniker" \
  --website="" \
  --identity=6A0D65E29A4CBC8E \
  --details="Bridge the past and future of Web3" \
  --chain-id=mantra-hongbai-1 \
  --gas="auto" \
  --gas-adjustment 2 \
  --gas-prices="0.0002uom" \
  --from=<your-keys> \

Warning: Please note that some parameters such as commission-max-rate and commission-max-change-rate cannot be changed once your validator is up and running.


The commission-rate value must adhere to the following rules:

  • Must be between 0 and the validator's commission-max-rate

  • Must not exceed the validator's commission-max-change-rate which is maximum % point change rate per day. In other words, a validator can only change its commission once per day and within commission-max-change-rate bounds.

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