Submitting a Proposal

Submit a proposal using the mantrachaind tx gov submit-proposal command.

This is best done by a person with command-line access to a fully synchronised MANTRA Chain node running the mantrachaind service.

mantrachaind tx gov submit-proposal <json file> \
   --from <submitter address> \
   --chain-id <chain id> \
   --gas <max gas allocated> \
   --gas-adjustment <number> \
   --gas-prices=<uom> \
   --node <node address> 

A specific example is given here:

mantrachaind tx gov submit-proposal $HOME/draft_proposal.json \
   --from shaggy-dog-keys \
   --chain-id mantra-hongbai-1 \
   --gas="auto" \
   --gas-adjustment 2 \
   --gas-prices="0.0002uom" \

If <proposal type> is left blank, the type will be a Text proposal. Otherwise, it can be set to param-change or community-pool-spend. Use --help to get more info from the tool.

  1. mantrachaind is the command-line interface client that is used to send transactions and query the MANTRA Chain.

  2. tx gov submit-proposal community-pool-spend indicates that the transaction is submitting a community pool spend proposal.

  3. --~/community_spend_proposal.json indicates the file containing the proposal details.

  4. --from validator-01-wallet is the account key that pays the transaction fee and deposit amount. This account key must be already saved in the keyring on your device and it must be an address you control.

  5. --gas 500000 is the maximum amount of gas permitted to be used to process the transaction.

    • The more content there is in the description of your proposal, the more gas your transaction will consume

    • If this number isn't high enough and there isn't enough gas to process your transaction, the transaction will fail.

    • The transaction will only use the amount of gas needed to process the transaction.

  6. --fees is a flat-rate incentive for a validator to process your transaction.

    • The network still accepts zero fees, but many nodes will not transmit your transaction to the network without a minimum fee.

    • Many nodes (including the Figment node) use a minimum fee to disincentivize transaction spamming.

    • 7500uom is equal to 0.0075 OM.

  7. --chain-id mantra-hongbai-1 is MANTRA Hongbai Chain (Testnet).

  8. --node is using an established node to send the transaction to the MANTRA Chain network.

Note: be careful what you use for --fees. A mistake here could result in spending hundreds or thousands of OMs accidentally, which cannot be recovered.

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