MANTRA Zone Leaderboard

Everything you need to know about our Leaderboard


The MANTRA Zone Leaderboard is your ranked journey of exploring MANTRA Chain’s Hongbai Incentivsed Testnet to earn epic rewards through quests, missions and multipliers.

📖 Read more about the MANTRA Hongbai Incentivsed Testnet here

Building up to MANTRA Chain’s mainnet launch, the Zone Leaderboard will detail and quantify your onchain and offchain activities that will make you eligible for a share of OM 🪂.

Whether you’re a Sherpa, Developer and/or Validator, you will be able to see how your activity on the Hongbai Incentivised Testnet ranks against other wallet IDs as you explore MANTRA Chain’s final testing ground before the launch of mainnet.

⚠️ DISCLAIMER: Please note that Leaderboard Points are not equivalent to OM tokens and have no transferability to fiat currency. Nothing in MANTRA ZONE is an offering of any products or securities for sale. MANTRA expressly reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of participation in MANTRA ZONE at any time in its sole discretion. By participating in MANTRA ZONE, you confirm your agreement with the foregoing. For the full terms and conditions of the MANTRA Zone Leaderboard, please visit this page here.

Benefits and Use Cases of the MANTRA Zone Leaderboard

By using the Zone Leaderboard, as a user you’ll be able to:

  • Track the total points you’ve earned as part of exploring the Hongbai Incentivised Testnet

  • Stay up to date with newly launched Missions and Multipliers which will allow you to be eligible for more points

  • Monitor onchain activity of top ranked wallets to follow in their footsteps

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